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Originally Posted by Darkness95 View Post
Hi! There is also another one way to find the correct CSS template to edit!

First you have to go in the part of the forum which you want to edit. Now use with right click of your mouse the navigator (or inspect element) and know the name of the class you want to edit. Copy the class and go to:

Admin Control Panel > Styles & Templates > Search in Templates

Now use the section "Search Templates" (not Find and Replace) and put the name of the class in "Search for text", select the style which you want to find the CSS template and check "No" in "Search Titles Only".

To justify the text you have to open the CSS template and put in the class that you want to edit this:

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I tried Searching ALL templates, mainly because I want it board wide, not just in the forums, as I said, I can do it with firebug, but cannot find the relevant template
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