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Originally Posted by Calahan View Post
Maybe some can help me again.
I had to change to a server with litespeed.
I can see the main page of the archive.
But when I click on a futher link I get a 404 error.
Any ideas why it doesn't work with litespeed?


the error log
[ERROR] [18257] [] URI '/archiv/forum/123-2.html' refers to a static file with PATH_INFO [/123-2.html].
Are you also using a script to rewrite the URL's by chance? Reference:

If so, it would depend on exactly what script you're referring to, and depending upon your answer may require something along the lines of:

You could add some custom rewrites to your .htaccess file, although that would take some tinkering and testing, and usually a script is required to do the rather complex rewrites (think autopilot and variables versus tons of manual rewrite entries, you want it automatically recognize new thread and post urls and display them accordingly). Side Note: Some major hosting platforms like WPEngine (specifically for WordPress sites) are no longer allowing .htaccess use starting with PHP7.4, while this doesn't apply to you it may at some point in time in the future, when other major hosting platforms may decide to take a similar stance and approach to security. Let's get ready for PHP8 though... you've been warned but no joking aside, most hosts will take quite a while to transition into 8, and you can always find a host that allows use of older PHP versions, while not the best route nor most secure, you can find them if you need them.
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