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"Remember me" unchecked -> users logged out after playing game, scores not saved

Hey everyone,

If a user tries to play a game in my arcade (using vB 4.1.5) after logging in without "remember me," they are logged out as soon as they start playing a game, and upon finishing the game their scores aren't saved.

The logout occurs regardless of how the user leaves the game page (for instance beating the game, or clicking on the "Arcade" nav link.)

I've tried Hippy's holdsession.php fix and it did not work.

Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a known fix? How would I go about debugging this issue?


EDIT: Extra info: "Play in new window" also immediately logs users out. They can click "play in new window," *immediately* close that window, refresh the arcade page, and they're logged out. So the problem doesn't appear to be in holdsession.php.

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