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Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
Why not just set the homepage as index.php instead of index.html?

I'm not sure if a lot of people have had to set up what you want as most would just set index.php as the default.

I don't know the .htaccess to do what you want, sorry.
If this happens to be Lynne Sands then I am in the right place. And thanks for directing me to

I may name my vBulletin home page index.php but I also need to know for wordpress for a separate site I am working on for a buddy.

If I was to name it index.php as I have tried, the html code does not take affect. This is possible if you were to explain how I am supposed to get the page to work properly?

To save trouble, the correct .htaccess lines for Apache 2.5 would be perfect.

But if you have a real suggestion that may assist in my (even) creation of the homepage using index.php then I'm all ears. I am experienced in html and css but I haven't got started with my php schooling quite yet.

I will wait on your response.

Thank you a lot.

- Bradley Padgett (thexboxcloud)
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