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Originally Posted by Scanu View Post
I'm still not sure why you don't want to use a .php file
In a .php file you can use html and php at the same time, why would you need to use php file in a .html file? I'm sorry but i don't fully understand what do you want
The reason is I have another project going on.

I am designing a wordpress blog to implement a live feed and recent posts widget while still maintaining my index.html as this is all it's going to be.

I've made what I need to get done as clear as possible.

And please don't say I shouldn't ask here because it has to do with wordpress. I am confident it shouldn't matter. Really, I need to know for the purpose of using it anywhere but I could use the info for vBulletin too.

Apache 2.5 > .htaccess > lines for php inside of html

Pretty simple from there. I'll be checking back and forth so if anyone is used to .htaccess on sites like godaddy let me know. It's really been a pain.
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