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Version History

- Added template hook for form hidden fields
- Added compulsory question * as phrase
- Form Results Table and Form Results Poll moved to templates
- Form Navbar link moved to tempalte
- JavaScript sort results table
- added permissions for Usergroups to view form results (those who can edit forms can also view form results)

- Form Results in table format

- multiple vbeditors in one form

- fixed reported bugs with import/export forms
- added copy forms (multiple times)
- reduced queries on edit form by using vbulletin cache
- Forum drop-down select instead of box for forumid
- fixed post moderation for users posting in forum they couldn't view

- disable form preview
- link to forms in navbar when viewing a form only shows if user has permission to view form list
- hidden form fields

- prefix support
- $closed= true; in form hook: before submit means thread is closed

- Fixed $phrasegroups
- Added poll timeout option

- Edit Form Redesigned
- Multiple Form Actions

- Redirect to url after form is submitted (accepts $newpost[postid] for newthread being created and $postid for new post in thread being created)
- Custom Form Output Conditionals: <if condition="$q[4]">$qn[4]: $q[4]<else />Field left blank</if>

- Added security to prevent possible use of macroses in form inputs by members using form
- Guest only questions
- Modify post top with macroses & bbcode
- Search Form Results saved to database
- Option to not show form on form list (only applicable for those who cannot edit forms)
- Added rel="nofollow" to links on formlist
- Increased performance by consolidating preg_replace functions

- Added form start hook
- Fixed form description [center] bbcode not working
- Date question

- Save form output to database
- Fixed custom output of checkbox & multi-line
- Fixed guests posting new thread error

- Form hook which executes before form is submitted (can be used for more specific field validation)
- Removed human verification question from form output
- Fix bug which prevented double quotes in bbcode

- Custom form question

- Specify bbcode for questions/ answers/ sections for the form's output

- Fixed attachment issue for creating new thread
- Update display order of the questions in edit form screenshot

- Fixed issue with resizing poll options on edit form
- Form list only shows in navbar/ quick links if user has permission to view form list
- Form list only contains forms user has permission to view (unless user can edit form)
- Create Form link only shows for users with permissions to create forms
- Fixed missing <tr> tabs around Create new form
- Usergroup permissions changed to allow permissions through secondary usergroups
- Change bbcode for questions and answers easily in plugin
- Change null value easily, needed to stop bbcode messing up (default '-' )

- JavaScript re-sizable text-areas
- New macrose {qn_*}
- Import/ Export your forms as XML files - great for transferring forms across forums or creating backups

- Attachments for new thread
- Custom output form layout

- Forumid/threadid/username can be specified by input via {value=X} in dropdown, single line input or radio buttons
- Human verification question
- Multiple dropdown select for form usergroup permissions (still optional - leave blank to not use)
- Option to show link to form list in navbar and quick links (separate options)
- Form can be emailed

- More question variables
- Regular expression match for single line text input field
- Usergroup permissions per form

- Poll Options: Multiple choice, public vote, poll question, poll options

- Form categories for form list
- vbeditor field
- Thread/pm title with variables

- Add sections to forms

- Enabled bbcode for form title & description and for form questions and questions' descriptions

- Fixed 'Error' displaying in navbar on form submition
- Fixed validation for boolean

- Initial Release

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