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Originally Posted by Dr.CustUmz View Post
the only thing left i can see to do is download your www folder through FTP and do the same thing with the difference being for your filters use ** so it scans every file.

I have still not been able to reproduce this ad.

if you provide my account admin privilege's with access to at least styles and plugins I can check the backend for you.
Done the search in the whole websites folder, nothing found under 'graizoah'. Long time ago I've added a popup code, but I think I've removed it. I've searched for some kind of script code in styles and the whole website with notepad++, couldnt find anything.

Also, there are some threads that doesnt exist and are shown from the homepage. If you check the first forum, thread is called 'Sexy photo...', and if you press on it, error tells you thread doesnt exist.
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