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Colouring issues

Hi to all of you, I'm new to both here and vBulletin.

I have been changing the site appearance to my taste and it is going good so far except for a couple of little problems.

First problem is that the bar with user Cp, Blog, FAQ and go on have this blue edge to it, I cannot get it off, so how do I do this?

Secondly, at the bottom of the board where you see the bars with information such as “all times are gmt” and the “Contact us, Sovin Nai, Admin” and “powered by [email protected] version beta 3.7” is a lighter gray, I'm trying to turn it into the dark gray colour, so the bar won't be visible.

The address is just so you can see it first hand, especially that blue edge!

How do i select a gradient? I have uploaded one for the main background, so instead of putting in #b2981d and that kind of thing, I need to write in the location of the gradient. Tried url/image/gradien/background.jpg etc.

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