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Found the problem for the blue border, they add this thing called extra CSS attributes and I changed the colour there. Problem fixed now.

As for body and page background, I put in #222222 url(images/gradients/background.jpg) repeat-x and it only partially work. Only the top part shows the gradient.

The footer thing still does not work, all it does is show the gradient in the little gap between the border and the words, I have left it that way so you can see for your self.

Look at mark forums read / view and forums leader at the bottom and notice the little black strip, that is what I got after changing the footer to the same colour, still see the gray in the word area. The same goes for the contact us/sovin nai/admin bar at the bottom.

At least I'm getting somewhere with your help :P

p.s. is there a way to make the gradient stretch instead of repeat tiles?

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