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Thank you for replying Aken, yes I was confused about what a gradient is. I thought it means a square image that is to be used for background images and the such. After following your instructions for the background, it worked perfectly.

When I cleared out the small font section, it fixed the bar issues for all the areas below the forums, which is just perfect as well except that the mark forums read / view forum leaders now have this gold background. When I add a colour in small fonts, the bar below the forums show up again, but it fixes the mark forums read / view forum leader. Small fonts is related to both, so since it fixes the problem at the bottom most area, I have decided to leave it at that.

I tried changing colour in footer which also fixes the problem for mark forums read / view forums leaders section but also gives the bars to all the bottom sections of the forums. Exact same results from editing small fonts.

Can you have a look at my site again, so you can see how it looks now, with the gold background for mark forums read / view forums leaders section. That is the only problem I need to fix now.
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