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Q. How can I integrate Abe1's Post Thanks Hack?
A. See here:

Q. There is no style chooser - how do I get back to the default style?
A. Install and configure "Lightweight Style Options"

Q. What bits of the CSS change which colours?
A. Download and unzip the attached "CSS Image Basic" file to a temp directory, open "css-map.html" and hover your mouse over the section you're interested in changing the colour of - it will tell you the variable in the lightweight.css.php file to edit. At the moment, it only shows the background colour, but it is intuitive to work out the foreground colour (var name ends in FC as opposed to BG) If you need to get more granular, you're on your own

Q. I Have VBAdvanced installed in integration m ode and it messes up this style.
A. as per post with a minor chnage, create a plugin:
Product: vBulletin
Hook Location: Global Complete
Title: Disable vBAdvanced for Lightweight Style
Execution Order: 2

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

IMPORTANT - Make sure to replace "x" with the ID to your lightweight style.

Q. Can we resize the images?
A. A simple javascript image resizer can be added to the header template. check the following post (and the one immediately after it)

Alternatively, you can use replacement variables to turn images into links, check this post:

Q. The CSS is incomplete, I see

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

What's up with that?
A. I used short tages in the CSS.PHP file which may not be enabled on all systems. In the next release I'll update to not use these. In teh mean time, unzip and upload the attached file and use it instead. Install the latest CSS version - this has been fixed

Q. Could you use the same paging system like vb standard styles in thread view so that user can choose first/last page instead of navigating it one by one?
A. Yes! It will get included when I release again, in the mean time check out post 103 (

Q. The editor is messed up in 4.1.4 - how to fix?
A. See for a fix.

Q. The option to hide "What's Going On" / "Who's Online" isn't working with the 'Lightweight Style Options' add-on
A. See this post for a fix:

Q. The PM list is showing "Array" rather than the sender
A. See this post:

Q. My New Reply page is screwed up with vertical cmilies and stuff
A. Delete the contents of the editor_clientscript template and replace the contents of the editor_ckeditor template with that of the editor_toolbar_off template

Q, Birthdays are just showing as "Array" on forumhome?
A. See thread

Q. I see Array instead of thread tags?
A. See post

Q. I see <br /> instead of line breaks when quoting, full reply
A. See post:
if this doesn;t work, check this post also********************************************************************************

Q. How do I get rid of all those template out of date messages in control panel home?
A. You could edit and save each one without actually making changes or you could run the following query on your database:

UPDATE template SET version = '4.1.9', mergestatus = 'none' WHERE styleid=XX;

change XX to the styleid number of the mobile style and 4.1.9 to whatever the version number currently is.

########## TO BE FIXED IN NEXT RELEASE VERSION 1.0.4##########
Q. How do I add 'Next' 'Prev' in Pagenav?
A. See post
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