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Originally Posted by dustmade View Post
Thanks to both of you for responding. You've explained this site vs the other site with the same name, and that this is not the place to get help getting something off the ground. Ok.

I bought the software and a local here installed it such that I can get to my CP. I had hoped that there would be a default template and I could be off to the races...

...or, pay someone to put a basic style sheet up for me. On the other forum (.com) I can't get through the registration without it saying I'm not licensed and can't participate on that forum.

Maybe the lesson here is to start and learn on the free ones...then jump to Vbulletin. My forum url is fundamentalforum dot net. To this point, it's a total waste of money and time but I'm hopeful that there are better days ahead for it.

Thanks again.
I understand where your coming from, it's the simple fact some assume one software should be similar to another or they expect something out of the box no matter what it is, that simply is not there etc that ends up "biting" them . Long story short, there are free styles here, cheap $30+ paid styles you can find via sites off Google and more... you can truly customize and do more than you think is possible at the moment I can assure you it will take some time to learn though.
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