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Bunny! BOTM Winner's Thread: Volume 2 (AKA BOTM Hall of Fame)

Starting with the January 2015 winner all BOTM Winners will now be listed in this thread.
The most recent winner will be posted on top, bumping the older wins down a notch each month.

Board of the Month Hall of Fame


December 2015
Site Name: Ignorance Denied
Won by default.

October / November 2015
Site Name: Christforums
Won with 6 voted.

August / September 2015
Site Name: RUOfficial? | West Coast Entertainment
Won with 9 votes.

June / July 2015
Site Name: The Swarm
Won with 6 votes.

April / May 2015
Site Name: MsXLabs Forum
Won with 6 votes.

February / March 2015
Site Name: IT Learning & Entertainment - XiTCLUB
Won with 9 votes.

January 2015
Site Name:
Won with 6 votes.
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