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Question Search Configuration: Recently Updated Topics - Only Show Most Recent Post Per Topic

First of all, thank you to anyone who reads through this and tries to help.

If you have a look at my site: you can see that I have two search modules on the right hand side. One shows latest posts, the other shows latest topics.

What I would prefer is to have only one module, but have the module display the most recently updated topics, new or old - and with the avatar and name of the most recent poster - but only ever displaying the most recent post from each topic. This is almost achieved using the first module - latest posts - but the problem is that if the 5 most recent posts on my forum are all from the same thread, the module displays all of them. I would like to only have the most recent post in each topic displayed.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly, though I imagine it must be a fairly common request..

Thanks again for any help you can provide!
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