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Originally Posted by l SKN l CHRIS View Post
Before I implement this AWESOME Bridge on my site I would like to know if this Hack will always be updated for future versions of vBulletin. I can't use it if someday it will be outdated and unsupported because I am planning for long term solutions.
Well, I cannot promise anything. The work is done for free by myself and I also use the bridge on several sites. If you are leveraging a lot of money on your sites, you may want to set some aside in case you need a programmer to mod the hack for you if for whatever reason, I can not manage it from here.

Originally Posted by kj_ugs View Post
Also do you anticipate any issues with vBulletin 3.7? It's a sweet hack.
Have no idea. I know nothing about the next version of VB..

Originally Posted by JimpsEd View Post
Do you have to use the shared login functionality? I am only interested in shared posting / comments.
You do not HAVE to use it, no.

Originally Posted by alexjc View Post

That aside, I have a couple of questions:
  • Does the user-bridging work with WP-Cache?
  • If I modify the comments loop, will it be backwards compatible with comments handled by WP?
  • Would it be possible to have a HTML form for posting inline rather than going to the VB page?

In the order you asked:

Works fine with WP-Cache..

You can if you use the if/else method.

Probably not.
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