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Originally Posted by Digital Jedi View Post
I may not be able to install 4.0 for a while, but that doesn't mean I can't develop definitions. I just won't be able to test them personally. What do I need to know that makes defs different in AME 3?
You won't have any problems updating most of your definitions - however because its vB doing the actual processing, there are some limitations to what can no be converted. Basically 1 parameter. Ill whip up some info and put it in the readme once I get it updated for gold.

Originally Posted by Alan_SP View Post
Well, I'll ask my question here, it's a new version, it may be more appropriate in this thread...

In what step do we upgrade vB4? Before step 1, or before step 2?
You can upgrade vB4 first or uninstall AME2x first. Remember though that if you upgrade vb4 first AME2x isn't compatible with vB4 so you will have to disable it AME untill it is uninstalled.
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