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Originally Posted by InsaneNutter View Post
I originally installed it, rated the mod 5 stars and marked it as installed

Originally Posted by simonhind View Post
how do i add someone who becomes a spammer after joining, just like the orginal MOD for this when you go into a users account it allows you to add them to the list from the IP address they signed up for or the IP they spammed from

this is a very importany feature this MOD had, you may want to contact them to find out how to add this section to user accoun information in admincp
Send me a screenshot of what you are talking about as its not immediately clear to me what the problem is.

If you delete the posts as spam, they can be automatically added to the list based on your settings.

Originally Posted by howard007 View Post
Can you add a whitelist feature for IP? VBSTOPSPAM doesn't have this and this would be a great feature and not sure why no one has it?

Its possible we can add it. I don't see how useful it would be though.
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