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OK Snookieboy, version 1.2.4 was made especially for you. Hopefully that is what you were after.
DUDE, I love you (in a totally non-man love way), gee thanks so much!!!

I tested it, and it worked!! And even better, I noticed you used a phrase so it was easy for me to edit the default text to:

Sorry, your post was denied because you are a new member, and are posting links to megaupload and/or other download sites which are typically used by spambots when posting illegal content or malicious files. Please re-submit your post without the URL by using your browsers back button. Alternatively, if you are posting good non-illegal content, you will need to have made at least 3 posts before your allowed to post download URL's.
Again, thank you so much.... Please share your donation goal so I can at least assist in some way
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