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Originally Posted by Snookieboy View Post
DUDE, I love you (in a totally non-man love way), gee thanks so much!!!
Don't worry about it, life is too short even if you are into man-love. I am into spam-hate so at least we have something in common

Originally Posted by Snookieboy View Post
I tested it, and it worked!! And even better, I noticed you used a phrase so it was easy for me to edit the default text to:

Originally Posted by Snookieboy View Post
Again, thank you so much.... Please share your donation goal so I can at least assist in some way
Just put the GlowHost name out, order hosting, join our $125 per sale affiliate program, or just tell your friends about this mod.

Anything you can do is great, Thanks.

BTW - Version 2 is the works now, We are running it on our forums and it is schweeeeeeeet!

Originally Posted by digicom View Post
Installed version 1.2.4 on vBulletin 3.8.6 P1 and working great
Much apprciated
Great, thanks for the 411.

Not many people are reporting about earlier versions so that is great news. If there are any other reports, please tell!
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