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I just migrated over to VBulletin and had to dump all my users (500+). Bad idea I won't do that again. I used to have SMF but it was garbage.

But my AdSense revenue actually didn't change at all.

My stats are:

+ Average 200 unique visits a day
+ Around 2000 impressions per day
+ CTR around 1.5
+ Adsense makes an average of 3$/day

I looovveee VBulletin. I 'm glad I could finally afford it.

I've really worked hard to "tweak" the way I present ads. It's a really young site but if you look at the ratio of dollars to visits you'll see I'm a fan of making your visits really count.

I'm also a huge proponent of, "don't pay for something you don't need". I only pay like 4$ a month for my hosting service and I'm nowhere close to maxing out on anything. PM me if you want to know who it is. I don't want to post it and it look like I'm advertising.

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