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Originally Posted by TrigZu View Post
I'd like to see an option so [you] only works in X threads.
Originally Posted by TrigZu View Post
Also, maybe an option so only X usergroups/boards have it turned on, so instead of eliminating all the other boards/groups you can just grant permissions to one board. Anyways, <3 it.
I was back and forth on the issue of whether admins should specify the forums/usergroups to BLOCK or the forum/usergroups to ALLOW.

Ultimately I went with "Block" rather than "Allow" because on my own forum I have it enabled everywhere and for everyone.

It's a fairly simple edit to make in the plugins if you're so interested in changing the action from "Block" to allow...

If you go to your "Plugin Manager" in Admin CP... scroll down to the Advanced [YOU] BB Code plugins and edit EACH plugin...

At the top of each plugin is an IF statement:

Block Disabled:      (Update License Status)  
Suspended or Unlicensed Members Cannot View Code.

If you remove the two exclamation points (!) (one before each "in_array") you will convert the settings from BLOCKED usergroups/forums to ALLOWED usergroups/forums.

I will investigate an option for applying this to just a single thread... Though limiting it to 1 forum like above should help.
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