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Remove extra 'Arcade' tab on navbar

That Arcade tab in my navbar just appeared automatically when i upgraded to vb4 (I created another directory, I didn't upgrade directly.) I use ibproarcade and it must have been inherited from... something. I'm sorry, I'm totally new to this- the programmer from our site left.

f The problem is that that tab doesn't link to the arcade that I uploaded for vb4 or the one used on vb3. Since I have a link in the subnav links that appeared thought my own installation of 2.7, I just want to get rid of that Arcade tab.

There used to be a programmer on my team that did a bunch of custom modifications. I am not vbulletin savvy at all, so I can't discern what can be done about this in templates.

Searching for "arcade" in templates doesn't lead me to anything obvious. "Arcade" didn't even appear in the navbar template before I recently uploaded ibproarcade 2.7 directly to vb4. Does anyone know what I should look for?