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I need help with this mod...

a user signed up earlier on my forum today, then emailed me saying he signed up, got confirmed, but could not get on, I looked for the user up and down, and vb showed nothing, then i looked in spam-o-matic logs...and this is what it said...

Spammer Found and rejected.

I did not even get notified, nor did it place him in que for moderation..if the user tried to signup again, then it will just flag him again..

1 why did the mod not send him to que so i can decide if he deserves a ban?
2: why was i not notified at all?
3: if he does not appear in vb records, then how can I unban his IP from spam-o-matic
so the system does not flag him again? I see no record that he exists at all, yet he
can not signup or login...

This sucks..


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