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You may even want to include that email screenshot with the mod download. I believe this mod would be much more popular if everyone wasn't so paranoid about Google Adsense dropping them from the program for using it. There are some horror stories out there about people breaking Google Adsense Terms Of Service and being dropped. The email screenshot should set many at ease.

Now for my numbers and conclusions...
I've been running this mod for about 3 weeks now and I can say over that time my Adsense pageviews are up a minimum of 3%. I calculate this by taking my Google Analytics pageviews and comparing them to my Google Adsense pageviews and concluding the difference in reported pageviews are from those that use ad blocking software. This is as accurate as could think of doing it considering all my pages have at least one ad. This difference in pageview counts between the two decreasing 3% means an additional 3% of my pages are now showing ads. In addition, over this same period of time that my adsense pageviews are up 3% my CTR has also been up about 12%. From this I can also conclude that those who have now turned off their ad blockers for my site are now clicking on ads at least as often or at an even higher rate than those who didn't have it turned on to begin with. So, at a minimum I can conclude my profits are up somewhere over 3% for a five minute install of this mod.

In actuality...
I believe the above mentioned 3% is a very conservative number. I believe the actual impact is even higher but I can't prove it outright. The reason I believe it is higher is that many adblockers also block analytics tracking code (i.e. block Google Analytics) which many of you may not have known. For instance Ad Blocker Plus by default on install will completely block Google Analytics tracking code. So, not only are Ad blockers not allowing your ads to show but your site analytics are off too because ad blocking programs are also blocking your site tracking code from working. Considering that, I can also conclude that at least some on the increase in overall pageviews shown on Google Analytics over this same 3 week time period are also related to users disabling their adblocking software.

I don't have the busiest site on the net, but I do have thousands of visitors daily and haven't had one comment or complaint so far about the anti-adblock pop-up this mod displays. I currently have the code set to show once a week - so those repeat visitors who have not shut off there adblocker (yet!) have seen it 3 times now - still no complaints.
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