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Bunny! only login long response - timeout issue


We have a very strange issue about singing in to our forum. The issue is that it takes too long after insertion of the login's data to receive the response from the server and be directed to the main page. The rest of the forum works very well. once you get logged in after lots of trying everything is ok.

The error is ERR_TIMED_OUT.

There is no issue for the database connection I checked.
The issue arose a week ago after having lot's of fake users registrations. I have delete all the fake users and activated DDOS detection and blocking in the server (Linux debian).
DDOS deflate , APF and BFD have been installed and configured.
I have updated PHP, apcache2 and mysql and phpmyadmin to theri last versions.

The problem however still exists and I do not have any idea about how to solve the issue.

The only thing that comes to my mind is maybe the issue of sessions and cookies but I do not see any error.

Could anyone please help me about resolving the issue?

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