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I did everything to fix the issue but it still does not work.
I have reinstalled the Debian operating system in the VPS and imported everything again.
The hooks are disabled from the config file.
The response takes too long to be received and the timeout error still persists.

It should be related to something to server but I don't know what.

The same issue exists in signing into phpmyadmin.

The strange thing is that all the rest of the website works well. if your session is not destroyed you can access it properly. Currently i myself cannot log in to the forum.

There is no error log in the operating system log files.

I don't know what is wrong.
I asked form the hosting company to check if everything is wrong with them but the technicians of the server told me the only available opened port are http, https, and mysql and i don't personally think this is related.

I sometime see php allocation memory issue in the apache2 log but increasing the limit in php.ini did not resolve the problem.

Using a test php file I checked db connection, session and cookie creation and all work.

I appreciate if anyone can help me.

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