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Simple. VBulletin is on life support at best.

Social Media has stripped away users from many forums regardless of which software you use.

VBulletin hasn't had a large release in years. Honestly I'm not sure they even really have much of a strategy to compete other than just do incremental changes or additions to the existing VB 5 software.

There is no importer for VB5 which is a HUGE thing holding VB5 back.

Xenforo and IPB have blown past VB awhile ago. While VB5 has a few decent things, it's a mish mash of random things. Currently no plans for VB6 have been announced and honestly at this point I doubt VB6 is anywhere near. hasn't upgraded to the latest VB software in a LONG LONG time which kinda says a lot about how they feel about the existing software too. Especially since the company that makes and owns VB hasn't even updated many of its forums to the latest software which shows no confidence in it. From what I'm seeing VBulletin is just limping along until it dies.

At this point I think Internet Brands should just sell VBulletin to someone that may actually be able to do something with it through a fire sale. Or just kill it all together. Because clearly it's just a ship lost at sea at this point.

There are some VBulletin diehards holding on and a few may still buy it. But they have been the exception rather than the rule. The VB official forums are almost non-existent for activity.

I could go on. And not all of it is VBs fault. But they certainly played a decent sized roll in VB hitting the brakes. It has struggled to keep up with the other 2. Xenforo and IPB.

I would recommend just looking elsewhere for forum software. VBulletin simply is on its way out and has been for awhile unfortunately. They are not the company they used to be and the excitement for its software is almost non-existent with forums of all sizes switching from VB 3 or 4 to IPB or Xenforo.

And the big part of the reason you don't hear of really anyone switching to VB 5 since VB4 and VB 3 are EOL, is because they make no real easy way to import content to them from anyone else without you paying someone to do it. So basically VB just slits its own wrists.

At this point VBulletin is dead. The excitement for it is gone. A good chunk of developers have jumped ship. Mods are few and nowhere near what they used to be. It's sad really.

And if you look at the forums out there, most don't run VB anymore as they converted away from it, or they stick around on VB 3 and 4 even though they are EOL. (End of Life) That's how much they hate VB5. In fact, now that I think of it I can't really think of any VB5 forums out there. So yeah.

What's certain is that I think your time and effort would be best spent developing elsewhere. Just look around. Even if you develop for VB 5, it'll bring a minority of interest because there are a minority of people using VB5. VBulletin does a poor job of even trying to promote it to begin with. I think you would be best suited developing elsewhere. But if you want, drop a few here. Though I wouldn't expect much from it honestly.

VBulletin had a good run though.

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Originally Posted by napy8gen View Post
One of the vb5 active modder is Glenn , you can see his work here:
Of course you see yilmaz is now very active in here, he will take over the crown eventually.

Still you can see rooms of modding.

Hopefully you guys around will revive the vb5 interest for some people.
Modders will not be able to drive interest to VB 5. Period. Only VBulletin can do that and they can't seem to be bothered to even really promote it themselves. Heck, Internet Brands doesn't even use it on their forums. Kinda says a lot since they own VBulletin. They have no faith in it either.

And VB doesn't obviously want people using their software as they offer no importing solution unless you chock up $$$ to someone to help do it for you.

If you ever want to see what a poorly run company looks like with poor mgmt then look no further than the ones running VBulletin. Social Media hasn't helped forums. But VBulletin hasn't helped themselves either. Only making the problems worse.

No clue why they have held onto VB this long. It's a dying/dead forum software with minimal interest.

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