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Hi AtoZ, thanks for the reply

My mistake! That was the first time that I had seen a post marked as "moderated" and I did not realise that was the way in which was marked "for moderation" or "to be moderated" (by check4spam). I was under the impression that the poster himself had already given his post an "approved" status. So, check4spam worked correctly in that case.

However . . . .

My regular spammers normally make 5 posts with links in them. So I set check4spam to dis-allow newbies from making links in their first 6 posts. Immediately the regular spammers now move up to making 10 posts . . . . the first 6 get blocked, but the next 4 get through. How would I overcome this issue?

Could we have spammer's post moved into moderation after making 5 posts with links?
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