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Originally Posted by Zachery View Post
I figured you were trying to automate the creation of forums. Be aware that the system will start to break down around 2000 total forums + usergroups, in any combination. By break down, I mean have too much overhead for data to be processed reguarlly.
Haha, Sounds great. I don't ever think I'll be that high up. However this is a pretty interesting project as I do a lot of other customized pages that apply and utilize things that people do in the fourm. So I might find a breaking point in something along the way. I'm glad that you're pointing that out now. Its a good fact.

*update: I'm still working on systematic stuff for the above code I pushed. I'm trying to figure out exactly what the minimum requirement of code of the "template". You'll see how I broke down a lot of it already. I would like to know break it down further to use the datamanager like I'm expecting to.
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