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since you are aking for suggestions:

I like the idea of having more than one category to choose from, and also multiple search options, So, for example - you could have a navigation menu somewhere that lists all of the types of items, such as Books, DVDs, CDs, etc., and have a separate search term attached to each category. I also like the idea of having more than one search term for each category - for example - you could have 2 or 3 different settings for each category: Books could have "cat grooming" and "cat breeding" and then the results would be compiled in to one overall "Books" category. I know that this would require a lot of coding, but I can see it as being very helpful. As it stands now, if I want to search for the term "Cats" then it will bring back the Cats broadway cast recording, as well as books about cats, and movies with Cat in the title - I would like to narrow down those searches, but if I put "cat grooming" then it will ignore books about "cat breeding," etc.. I hope I made myself clear enough - sorry for the rambling explanation...
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