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Originally Posted by kkeezer View Post
Hi Vince,

I just signed up on your site (FMGT1999). I like your site looks great!

Thanks Kyle... I appreciate the feedback. I am totally new at this stuff so hopefully, little by little the site will grow and look better.
I tried to get on your board this morn but couldn't, you must be doing some upgrades.

Originally Posted by NittoMOD View Post
I had the same problem on my site about the colors. What i did was made a couple different templates selectable by the user. Some brighter ones and different color combo's.

This worked out the best i belive for my site.

Check it out. Might give you some idea's.
That's exactly what I did. I have another template that can be used that is pretty much plain. Also, I changed the brightness settings on my monitor which really helped alot.

Thanks for the feedback

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