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Since the 'contributor' above seemed to prove as nothing but unhelpful.. I shall help you out.

The following website -> -> will allow you to do what you are after. They allow you to create up a 'recipe' in which you complete your action. If this, then that is what the site is called.

For the first part, "If this" -> you use an RSS Feed from your forums feed from (this link can be manipulated to show only certain forums etc)

The "Then That" part will ask you to chose what your second option is, and in this case is Facebook. It will ask you to login and authenticate where you want the application to post and then it will ask you what type of message you want to post regularly.

After you've picked text/image/URL you then have the ability to type in different actions that are retrieved from your RSS Feed (so, thread titles/forum titles/posters etc and you can add your own message that will show on every post - press the lil chemistry thing to see what your options are) and then once you've made it you will have option on how often it will refresh!

Make your in your vBulletin settings you have the External Provider on and updating regularly.

Best of luck! Once it's set up you literally have to do nothing
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