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Class Type Item Error

I read through the RPG FAQ and ran through the first two pages of this forum for similar problems and came up with nothing. So don't yell at me for cloneposting, because I checked. x]

When the RPG is installed, it has one class type, Generic (Duh). I added more class types, and aligned specific classes with those types, then created items per each class. Okay, now, when people buy an item for their class type, it does not appear in their isn' all, however; the item was sold, as it appears to be deducted from the stock total, and added to the sold total.

If I use only one class type (IE: Generic), it works perfectly fine, however; I have no way of stopping people from buying odd weapons (IE: A mage buying a broadsword >.>).

So, with this, I require your help.
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