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Wow, it sure is nice to see someone doing some extensive research on a bug report rather than just "it doesn't work".
I will do the same tests on my localhost and see what happens.
Thanks for the extended info, it's gonna make my job alot easier

Originally Posted by legendarysam
Classes: Swordsman, Mage
Item Types: Blade User, Staff User >> Swordsman; Mage (Respectivly)
Items: Knife, Staff >> Blade User; Staff User (Respectivly)

The mage cannot buy the knife, and the swordsman cannot buy the staff. This is what I want, however; when the swordsman tries to buy a knife, or the mage tries to buy the staff, one of the respective items will decrease in stock, and everything appears to be fine, but the item will not appear in the user's inventory.
I cannot reproduce. I did the following:
  1. Added Class Types 'Blade User' and 'Staff User'
  2. Edited Blood Sword to have both Generic AND 'Blade User' properties
  3. Edited Flame Staff to have both Generic AND 'Staff User' properties
  4. Edited Ex-Soldier to be 'Blade User'
  5. Edited Archmage to be 'Staff User'
  6. Went to HQ, made myself Ex-Soldier
  7. Went to Itemshop, and bought Blood Sword.
Everything went fine. The item was added, the stock decreased and the money deducted.
This was on a very mint install on 3.0.8, I did only the minimum required file edits (/global.php, /includes/init.php, /admincp/global.php, /admincp/adminpermissions.php, /admincp/index.php), and I emulated 'uttpoints' by creating it manually in my user table. It was also a fresh download of the zip file in the release thread.

I did not test any of what you said beyond this, as to put it like the vBug Tracker: 'Awaiting Feedback'

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