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Well, I'm sure it would work fine, however; from my test results, I concluded:

Originally Posted by legendarysam
...either I am missing a step to creating a whole new type or I messed up some vital info while truncating some RPG tables.
I DID truncate almost all of the RPG tables so I could start with my own stuff. So that might be part of the reason...

...I will try to recall a list of what I truncated...
  • rpg_alignment
  • rpg_battle_midis
  • rpg_battle_scenes
  • rpg_battle_stats (By way of 'Reset' command via ACP.)
  • rpg_clan
  • rpg_class
  • rpg_element
  • rpg_ibots
  • rpg_items (By way of 'Reset' command via ACP.)
  • rpg_items_cats (By way of 'Reset' command via ACP.)
  • rpg_items_user (By way of 'Reset' command via ACP.)
  • rpg_lottery
  • rpg_monster_battles
  • rpg_race
  • rpg_type

Is there anything...vital...that you stored on those tables... >.>
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