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Originally Posted by Astral001 View Post
As a newbie I must say this.Why should anybody in his right mind install a Horror-Show like this,how many plugins from how many coders, two stop updates and the show is over.Most of the contents is already available.
Having said that, some people install just about anything.
The thing I would like to know,who issues the 'Supported'.because that person has got a lot to answer for,issuing a seal of approval for cr.p like that
Less Queries=No
Support=Lucky Dip
Linkback=1 extra one
I have to agree, "packaging" these mods like this should not be done but as always that's imo but seems to me too many things can go wrong including mis communication and have you taken the time to become completely familiar with all these mods in order to provide proper support... you know what I mean, not meaning to "call you out" but sometimes some have to ask is all.

Awaiting Reply on Marco's inquery and if you care to shed light on mine.

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