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Originally Posted by xeagle View Post
vBSSO will create TEST USER on WordPress automatically.
Bingo, that is exactly what I was looking for. That is how aMember works and I'm thinking that the issue we were having is actually just because it was my "test" account (literally named test). For some reason, that account causes problems on these things. Same with the aMember user creation.

Originally Posted by xeagle View Post
Regarding your login issue - it seems you have not added vBSSO widget on your WordPress site. Could you please check this out? This widget is required (WordPress > Appearance > Widgets > add vBSSO Login widget to you widget area):

- it will redirect your users to vBulletin`s registration page and let them pass the registration on vBulletin
- vBSSO will add newly registered user to WordPress automatically

In case additional help please contact our support team to submit a support ticket and we will do our best to help you.

Thank you,
I have the widget set up and was using that.

All registration happens on vBulletin for me, and I actually don't need people to login from Wordpress other than just convenience. Any way, I think the issue is just with that particular account because my main account I can login from.
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