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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
To be clear I am painfully aware of who is to blame for the current situation.
To be clear it isn't Paul.
To be clear, that is all hindsight.

The customers who purchased vB5 need this site not to become nothing more than a platform for customers who purchased software which is no longer officially supported to discuss paid work. vBulletin gains nothing from keeping open a website that serves only as free advertising for third party coders to work on software they no longer sell.

Meanwhile, this site does virtually nothing for customers of the product they do currently sell. So, why should they keep it up and running? You tell me.
Loyalty to their customers? Past and present.

We bought the product vB made (3). We like it, we use it and we paid for it (twice). We do not like the new product (5), it is not what we want. If a company is struggling, making the product their customers want is the first thing they should examine.
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