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Originally Posted by Panzer Max View Post
Loyalty to their customers? Past and present.

We bought the product vB made (3). We like it, we use it and we paid for it (twice). We do not like the new product (5), it is not what we want. If a company is struggling, making the product their customers want is the first thing they should examine.
Loyalty to customers who purchased a product how long ago? Should companies be indefinitely loyal to customers who purchased their product once years ago? vB3.8 is roughly ten years old. My vB4 license is eight years old. IB doesn't owe me anything for something I purchased eight years ago. Or ten years ago.

I don't mind telling you IB doesn't owe anyone except vB5 customers anything.

From where some people developed this sense of entitlement to lifetime product support I don't know but IB has supported vB3.x and vB4.x a lot longer than most companies support any product. Longer than any product Microsoft or Apple has ever produced. Longer than any car warranty. Longer than they should have.
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