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Users don't appear to be integrating..

I did the test post wordpress side and it created the thread in vb fine, though when I joined vb the user didn't come to wordpress. Also it appears that there may be a bug because after the "test" post, wordpress had "test" "test" "test".. 3 articles but only one was real and working. (don't know if it's my theme)

Btw I mapped the users in wordpress to the group and followed your steps, not sure why the users aren't going to wp. awesome to see it updated!

P.s Would it be possible to provide a few plugins for wordpress, such as logging in, latest posts from vb, etc

P.s.s Sorry how would Insert vb into wordpress? could you add an option for that please or let me know how I can


I'm ever so sorry, I'm stupid. I didn't think i would have to click login from the wordpress side. seems users are working fine in wp
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