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Originally Posted by Zachariah View Post
I love it.
I still have a few 56k modem warriors that game on line, and many leave images on their personal setting as there are less to look at per page load.

Yours was the first hack I installed to allow "one sig per page" and I like it very much! I did want to clarify though, as I posted in the thread for the other (user-selectable) version, with regards to the "impact" this has for the 56k modem warriors:

If a poster (with a video or large picture sig) has many posts (and therefore, sigs) on a page, it wouldn't be any slower for a dial-up user to download the page than if that same poster only had one post (and therefore, one sig) on the page. It's not like the page has to download the same exact thing every time. It downloads the image once, and just displays it multiple times.

(IE: if I presented an HTML page showing one single image 20 times, it doesn't download 20 copies of that file for a reader, and the page doesn't take 20 times longer to download. It downloads that image once, the web browser is simply told to display it 20 times.)

I still like this customization, however, because it can make the page easier to read and cuts down on the sig clutter! (As you say, "less to look at" per page load.) But lest anyone be confused... it won't speed up downloading time for dial-up users, per se. It may speed up browser window rendering speed. But not downloading time.

I still like it, though.
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