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Originally Posted by tibobdenazareth View Post
Based on what I've done so far, here's a summary for anybody or especially newbie (like me) looking for a lot of things but doesn't want to go through hundreds of pages of info.


Style Manager--> Edit Templates--> header

REPLACE: (from 3rd line)
<vb:if condition="$stylevar['titleimage']"><div><a name="top" href="{vb:link forumhome}" class="logo-image"><img src="{vb:stylevar titleimage}" alt="{vb:rawphrase x_powered_by_vbulletin, {vb:raw vboptions.bbtitle}}" /></a></div></vb:if>

<vb:if condition="$stylevar['titleimage']"><div><a name="top" href="{vb:link forumhome}" class="logo-image"><!--@vbbanners:0@--></a></div></vb:if>

NB- There's an issue with the stand-alone swf flash file with no transparent background, covering all the login info found in the header template. Works better with png image files.

Still waiting to see if there's a way to send the swf logo banner file in the background.
This post saved me from deleting this mod, to complex for a noob like me who just wanted a rotating Header.

However - Once I do this it seems subsequent images in position 0 list will appear below the navbar instead of at the same place as my first image. Anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong ?


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