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I have a half-cabinet at a large co-lo facility. I am currently running seven servers on my network, four of which are directly related to the site's operation. the others are a firewall, backup server and mail server. I could do everything I am doing on two or three servers, but I like spreading things out.

Computing power wasn't the determining factor for me, when it came to making a hosting decision. My primary concern was bandwidth. I currently have a 10mbs pipe and I am using about 85% of it, at peak times. Of the two, computing power is a much cheaper commodity for a webhost to offer than bandwidth. In a colocated facility, I can contract the bandwidth directly from a big telecom provider and skip the middleman markup. I am averaging more than 60GB of data transfer a day, at this point. If I were paying for my bandwidth by the GB, I would be living in a refrigerator box. Eric
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