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I have installed the new version and it works!

bug: setting usergroups to 0 does not work. That turns it off.
sort of a bug: quoting yourself gives an alert.

The overview in usercp would look nicer if:
- the font would be smaller. (smallfont)
- display it like this:
Member_X quoted your post in the thread_title on [date;time]
Please make that all one line.

It would be nice if there were 2 different phrases for the notification:
1 member quoted you.
x members quoted you.

The latter being plural.

Below the 'Who Quoted Me' block, there should be some empty space. I have Paul M's modification installed to show a 'latest reputation given' block there and both blocks touch each other. There should be some distance. Adding a <br/> at the end of the usercp_who_quoted_me template resolves that.

I think that the link should really lead to the post where the quote is. The way to handle the target location that you have posted earlier in the thread should be in the xml.

Thank you!

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