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It shouldn't work for verson 4 at all. However, there is The Geek's version for vB 4, but it requires some patching at the moment to make work with different vB 4 versions. I'm working on my own forked version of that (just like I did with this one) for AME 3, where you won't need some patching. Unfortunately, I'm limited by the fact I don't have access to a 4.2 board. (I have 4.0.) So I'm a bit reluctant to release a full version not knowing if it will even function properly.

In addition, AME 3 definitions are unique to AME 3, as AME 2.5 definitions are to AME 2.5. They're not compatible and will have to be updated. I DID release a Beta set of definitions for AME 3, and so far, no one has said there are a lot of problems. I'll release one more set for AME as a Beta, and the go live if no one continues to have any problems. DS has said he'll probably do an AME 3 set of his Adult definitions, but, well, if you think I'm slow....
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