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Well, to copy the text of a plugin into another one, you go to "Plugin Manager" in the Admin CP menu (under Plugins and Products, close to the bottom), find the plugin with the right name (using the browser's search function is probably the easiest way to do this), click its name, copy the "Plugin PHP Code" and then click "Add New Plugin" (the link under "Plugin Manager") and paste it into the "Plugin PHP Code" instead. Select the hook with the specified name in the "Hook Location" drop-down, and I suggest also selecting "NoSpam!" in the "Product" drop-down. Lastly, set "Plugin is Active" to Yes. To just add a new plugin with predefined text, do everything from the part where I tell you to click "Add New Plugin" again.

If you still find it confusing, it won't be long before this is all in the product itself anyway.
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