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Originally Posted by pollon View Post
I would like the PM Security Certificate to appear only in PMs sent by the admins (or by selected usergroups). is that possbile?
Yes, very much so.

Just change the numbers in the first line according to which groups you want to have this on their sent PMs. By default it's set to '5, 6, 7' but you can change this to the groups you want (see your user group manager in admin control panel to get group numbers).

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In the above code, it's this bit you have to change
<if condition="THIS_SCRIPT=='private' && is_member_of($post, 5, 6, 7)">
<br />
You could also use the above to create a similar mod for your forum to create verficiations or actions based on other user groups too, not just site staff. Or you could have one for admins and one for moderators etc.
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