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Threadbits in ModCP - Threads and posts to be moderated

What I am trying to do is really simple... I want to modify the template (or code) that generates the list of threads or posts that require moderation as shown in the ModCP. What I want to add is a link to use the "One Touch Ban & Clean" modification.

My plan is to modif the template so where it shows "Posted By" to somply add a text link to the right of that that says "One Touch Ban and Clean". I am not looking to make this complicated to allow more then one ban and clean per process, just a quick and complete removeal of obvious spam bots.

Anyways, the link is easy (, I just need help finding this template...

I may also want to figure this out for use page in the AdminCP too so if anybody has advise on finding that template that would help too. I will share the code once I figure it out!
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