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Originally Posted by Princeton View Post
you will need to change the conditionals and perhaps create new ones
Could you guide me how? I would likely test it and post it so you can update this mod.

There was an old hack I remember a vb2.x board was using, so when you clicked on a report button and if it was already reported, a message showed up with "This message has already been reported, thank you". I cant recall which mod it was. Maybe 0tolerance report system or alike.

To complete this mod (in my opinion), would be adding some kind of noticee for members so they know it has been reported.

Another advanced idea would be the following:

If a post has more than 3 reports, its automatically "deleted" and a notice would show up for everyone. With some other ideas that I should think of some anti abuse measures, so we can avoid members from getting organized in groups, massively reporting the same post to take it down until moderation is done.

my 2 cents.
I really like your hacks princeton, dont know why so few installs in average.

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