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Originally Posted by LeatherNeck View Post
Permission please to copy the post on my site with full linkback to this thread
I need to ask the user about this. It's nothing I can give permission for, since I am not the orginal writer.

Originally Posted by theybannedme View Post
This article is a pompous pile of garbage. Comments such as "Mods are... the most intellegent [spelled incorrectly, ironically] people on the site" and talking incessantly about a need to enforce piles of petty rules is exactly what's wrong with most forums. Mods thinking they are doing their members some big favor. No, your MEMBERS are doing YOU a favor. What would happen if you built a forum and no one joined? Exactly. Get over yourselves.

So not only is the article a long whine about how "tough" it is to be a mod (spare me the martyr routine) but it's factually inaccurate. None of the petty "woe is me" complaints in this article even come close to what real trolls can do to a forum.
Send us your banned rejects.
Jeez... I wonder why you'd answer in such a way... Looks at said users signature... never mind.

Oh, and trust me, I've been on many forums with lax/non existant rules. Not a good atmosphere to have if you want a site that's remotely work safe in any form, or actually has quality discussion.

Next time, don't use ad hominem attacks, and realise that I am not the original writer, I'm republishing it with permission from a forum user who's a moderator at a massive (like, twenty million posts) site. Maybe even more active a site, but it's really well known, and it's likely based off experience there.
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